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FAQs - Eclisse Pocket Doors

Does the kit come with a door?

Our standard kits for timber door applications are not supplied with the timber door. Why? There are so many different designed doors on the market this gives you the freedom to pick your own door and perhaps match this with the other doors in the property.  

Our glass pocket door systems are however supplied with the glass door blade, details of these can be found here.

Do you need a specialist timber door to work with the kit?

No, if you are ordering a standard-sized kit e.g. a 762 x 1981, you would just need to source a 762 x 1981 door, there are no special requirements for the door, it’s simple need to the correct size for the kit. The kit will accommodate doors between 35-44mm in thickness (Fire kits require a 44mm door) Kits are available in a 10 standard UK doors size.

What is the lead time?

Standard-sized kits, lead time 1-2 working days from order, the price includes FREE mainland UK delivery.

What is the difference between Unico (Classic) and Syntesis?

Unico Classic is more traditional in its appearance and is finished with a timber architrave surround whereas the Syntesis system is more contemporary in its appearance and doesn’t require an architrave as the reinforced frame allows for a smooth plaster edge finish.

Do you offer a fire rated kit?

Yes, we offer a single and double classic fire rated kit.

Do you offer bespoke sizes?

Yes, we can offer a bespoke solution in most of kit variations, including classic, syntesis, fire-rated and glass solutions, please get in touch for further details.

Do you offer installation?

No, we supply only, however, the system is supplied with fully illustrated instructions and can be installed by any competent builder, joiner or DIYer.

What guarantee do you offer?

The Eclisse steel system is guaranteed for 15 years against material and manufacturing defects. It is not guaranteed by us for the installation which is not our responsibility. The wooden jamb kit is guaranteed for 5 years.

What is jamb kit?

Along with the metal frame we supply also the finishing joinery kit, sometimes called the jamb kit. It's this that makes the finished product into a beautiful, professionally finished sliding door. The jambs are made from quality finger-jointed pine with a real wood cherry walnut veneer, unfinished and ready to accept a stain, paint or varnish. – This is supplied with our classic single and double systems, suitable for four different finished wall sizes 95, 100, 115 and 125mm


If you need any further information on our Eclisse range of pocket door kits and accessories please get in touch.

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FAQs - Eclisse Pocket Doors

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