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Choosing the right padlock

1. Value of your asset - How valuable the item you wish to secure may determine the level of security required from the padlock. Padlock security will vary depending on a few factors, including, materials used for the shackle and body, the shackle security mechanism and the actual lock mechanism.

2. Size - Make sure the size of the padlock and shackle is appropriate for application including the mounting plate/ring. Can your padlock shackle move through the mounting ring with ease? Is there any restricted access?

3. Location - Will your padlock be used outside or indoors, if outside we recommend using a corrosion-resistant padlock, such as stainless steel.

4. Functionality - Do you want to use a key, code combination, or smart device to operate your padlock? No doubt a key can offer a high level of security but does it offer the same level of convenience? Again the choice would be dependent on the application, are you wanting a padlock to secure your locker at the gym or secure your valuable stock in your business lock-up?

5. Keyed alike, to differ or master keyed - Many keyed padlocks can be keyed alike, to differ, or master keyed, but what is the difference?

Keyed to differ – most standard padlocks are sold this way, each individual padlock and only be opened with the keys supplied with that particular padlock (not ideal if you have numerous padlocks, as you will need to remember which is the correct key for each padlock) The better way would be to use one key to access all the padlocks, this would be a keyed alike system.

If within a building you have numerous padlocks and need an access hierarchy system then a master keyed system could be introduced. Here, a master key opens all the padlocks in the system and the keys at lower levels only open a limited number of padlocks.


At MB we have a full range of padlocks for various applications for further information click here or get in touch. In addition, our in-house locksmith team can guide you through the options and offer a keyed-alike / master keying service if required.

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Choosing the right padlock

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